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The Girl Beside The Road

Let me tell you the story about the Girl Beside The Road. I am unmarried and I don’t have many friends. My shop is just 1km away from my house. So, it’s a pretty boring life. I wake up at 7 every morning and then I go to my shop. No parents, no friends, no guests, and no excitement in my life.

Now, honestly speaking, I too wanted to have a girlfriend and I too wanted to have some wild sex. But I was not so lucky. I have a big dick and I was the only one who touched it.

After some years, I wanted to take a break from my life. So, I told my customers that I would not open my shop for one month. I planned a vacation and I took a good amount of cash with me.

I washed my car and started my journey. It was a 7 hour journey from my house. The hotel that I booked was an expensive one and It was in front of a beach.

But, I had no idea that my vacation would turn into a real life sex story.

Girl Beside The Road

I was driving and it was dark outside. Suddenly I saw a girl who was waving desperately. I stopped my car and the girl came to me crying.

She said – “please help me, some guys are after me”

I asked her – “where are you going?”

She said – “right now, I just want to go with you, please. I don’t have much time. They have robbed me”

The girl was really beautiful and her clothes were not enough to hide her big round boobs. Something inside me was really excited. So, I told her to come with me.

I reached my hotel. The girl told me that her boyfriend cheated on her. She was robbed and they took away all her money and clothes.

I offered her food and told her to wear my clothes. But, her ass was thick. So, my clothes were really tight. The girl was uncomfortable.

However, there was a single bed and we went to bed. The warm body of the girl tingled my dick and soon my dick took its gigantic shape.

The girl felt my dick and told me that nobody treated her so nicely. She was always beaten and people treated her like a slave. Saying all these things, she began to kiss me repeatedly on my face. She undressed herself and showed her busty possessions.

She held my dick in her hand and began to suck it. My dick became rock hard and I was enjoying everything she was doing. Then, I began to rub her pussy and the girl was moaning in a low voice. Perhaps nobody touched her in that way. She wanted me to lick her pussy.

Now, I had watched tons of porn movies. So, it was the moment for me to prove my sex skills.

I began to lick her pussy and I was also rubbing her clitoris.

She said – “Yes, don’t stop”

Soon. water came out from her pussy and it was all over my face.

It was the right time to insert my dick into this sex starved girl. I began to pound her. But it was not so easy to satisfy the girl.

She wanted more and more sex. I tried cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. The girl was highly energetic and I had to fuck her like a wild animal. I slapped her ass, sucked her tits, and I grabbed her hair.

Then, she began to suck my large dick again and this time she sucked it deeply and slowly. Somehow, the girl liked my soft ways of speaking and she felt safe with me. So, all her desires came out. She was playing with me in a ridiculously serious way.

Now, I kissed the girl’s big butt and I fucked her in the doggy style.

She told me – “how are you fucking so passionately?”

I told her – “I have fallen in love with her”

Perhaps it was an odd time to tell a girl that I love her. But It was a good opportunity for me.

The girl giggled and I fucked her hard this time.

After 45 minutes of this sex storm, both of us were tired. My cum was all over her pussy and she was smiling.

The girl told me that she had nobody and she wanted to live with me. I accepted her request without giving it a second thought.

Now, I have a successful business, a sexy girlfriend, and a life that is full of joyful moments. The vacation and the roadside girl changed my life. So, now I say – thank you God for this wonderful life.

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